Preparing for our Return at EMHS

Hello parents/guardians,

I hope the Holiday break afforded you the opportunity to reconnect with family and friends and to find just a bit of time for rest and relaxation too! As we prepare for our return to school on Monday I wanted to touch on a few points. By this time, you will have received this information regarding the return to school from PSD. Please read on to learn about what our students can expect upon their return to Ecole Merdian Heights School on Monday, January 10th, 2022.

Covid Protocols

Over the past 2 years (it’s hard to believe it’s been that long!) as a community working together staff, students, and parents have done an exceptional job keeping our kids safe and healthy. You have all been so understanding when asked to wear a mask when entering the school, when asked to pick up your child from school if he/she was experiencing COVID symptoms, you’ve self-isolated when required, provided your children with masks and supported our Covid Protocols and so much more! We truly appreciate your efforts.

As we return to school on Monday I would ask for your assistance one more time. While all staff will be spending a time on Monday morning reminding students of our protocols and the heightened need to ensure we are following them given our current context, we would ask that parents please take a few moments to remind your child/children of some of the more frequently used COVID protocols in place at the school. Some of these protocols are outlined below.

  • Masks remain mandatory for all Grade 4 – 12 students in PSD and are strongly recommended for K-3 students as per PSD’s Mask Protocol. This includes a strong recommendation for all students and staff to wear their masks at all times. Students in Kindergarten to Grade 3 will be reminded to always have a mask with them and staff will make use of learning opportunities for proper mask etiquette for our younger learners. 
  • Wearing masks when riding the school bus
  • Sanitizing hands upon entry and exiting of classrooms, library, gymnasium, music rooms etc.
  • Sanitizing shared equipment such as chromebooks prior to and after use
  • Socially distancing where possible

Distribution of Masks and Rapid Testing Kits

While we do not yet have a confirmed date of arrival for masks and testing kits, I want to ensure you that we will distribute them as soon as is possible after receiving them. You will be informed when your child has been given these items so you are able to check backpacks when kids arrive home.

As recommended by AHS, if your child is experiencing any symptoms of COVID 19, even with a negative result on a rapid test we would ask that they remain at home until their symptoms resolve. You can learn more about the AHS guidelines here.

Extracurricular Activities

At this time, Parkland School Division and Ecole Meridian Heights School will continue to support those students who choose to participate in Extracurricular Activities. We recognize the benefit that these opportunities provide to our students. With that said, we respect the rights of parents to make decisions that are most appropriate for their family context. Should you wish your child not to participate in extracurricular activities, please ask them to inform their coach/supervisor and they will be welcomed back when parents and students deem it appropriate.

Should we recieve additional guidance on this matter from AHS or Alberta Education we will adjust our routines accordingly and communicate any changes to parents and participants as promptly as is possible.


As outlined in the previous communication from PSD, all air handling filters are being upgraded to the highest possible standard, with an increase in the number of air exchanges within our school from approximately 3 times per hour prior to COVID to between 4.5 and 7 times per hour currently.

More Info to Come

As we learn more about new or revised COVID protocols we will be certain to inform you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email at or at the school (780-963-2289) with any questions you may have.

Thank you once again for all that you do to work together with us. We are looking forward to seeing our kids again very soon!


Mr. S. Patras

Principal, Ecole Meridian Heights School

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December Updates from EMHS

We are almost there! 2021 has been a year like no other, and working together we’ve almost made it through! Before I go into our updates for the final week of the year, I would like to say “THANK YOU” to all of our parents for everything you’ve done to support our kids. Together we’ve been able to wlecome our students back to Ecole Meridian Heights School after so much turmoil and uncertainty over the past two years. It has been truly wonderful to have our community back together to continue to build the Meridian “Magic”

Virtual Christmas Concert

Keep an eye in your inbox for our Virtual Christmas Concert. Mrs. Huedepohl, Ms. Ausman and our talented students are just wrapping up their performances and getting them ready to send your way.

Lost and Found

This is your last few days to claim any missing items that may have found their way to our lost and found. Parents are welcome to put a mask on and come into the front of the school to check the tables for any lost mitts, toques, hoodies and much more. All remaining items will be packed up and donated at the end of the day Wednesday, Dec 22nd.

Student Arrival and Departure Times

Just a reminder, as the temperatures continue to remain cool over this next week, that our outdoor supervision does not start until 8:15 a.m. and the school is not open until that time. After school supervision runs until 3:20 p.m. outside. For those students being picked up, we ask that parents are prompt as we do not have supervision inside the school after that time for those students waiting for rides. We appreciate your help in this regard.

On behalf of the staff of Ecole Meridian Heights School, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a restful Holiday Break.

Until next time,

Mr. S. Patras

Principal, Ecole Meridian Heights School

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December Updates from EMHS

It’s hard to believe we’ve arrived in December already! The weather hasn’t yet had us thinking too much about winter but we all know it’s coming soon! Please read on to learn a bit more about what to expect for this final month of 2021!

Report Cards

As you are hopefully aware, our Report Cards and Individual Program Plans (IPP’s) go live Friday, December 3rd at 3 p.m. Please take a moment to access these documents on your powerschool account. We are proud of the progress our kids are making so far this year! Reach out to your child’s teacher if you have any questions.

Christmas Concerts

While things are moving forward in our current Covid context, we have not yet arrived at the point where we are able fill our gym with students, staff and families for our traditional Christmas Concet for this season. With that said, don’t fret! Our wonderful Music teachers, Mrs. Josephine Huedepohl and Mrs. Jennifer Ausman are working hard with our kids to put together a virtual celebration similar to last year. While we are hopeful that next Christmas brings us back together in person, we know that you will still enjoy these performances this year!

International Travel for families

For families those considering or making plans for International Travel during the upcoming Holiday season, the best advice we can give families is to frequently check the rules here:

These are always subject to change and could even change mid-trip so check back often. The link above clearly indicates requirements and/or exemptions available for vaccinated, partially vaccinated or unvaccinated children or dependents.

Lost and Found

With winter conditions coming and going, we continue to see lots of mitts, toques, coats and snow pants piling up in our lost and found. While we aren’t able to yet have parents moving through the school to check our various lost and found containers, items from all of these will be brought to the front of the school for all of next week (Starting Monday, December 6th) for parents to come and look through. Please ensure you have a mask on when you come to look for your child’s possessions. Any items remaining after Friday, December 10th will be donated to a local organization.


We would like to ask for your help in ensuring that your child in grades 4-9 comes to school with a mask each day. You can help us by checking daily that he/she has a mask available in his/her bag. We are finding an increasing number of students arriving daily without masks, quickly diminishing our supply. We appreciate your help with this.

Happy Holidays!

Finally, on behalf of the staff at Ecole Meridian Heights School, I would like to conclude my message by wishing you and your family a Happy Holiday Season filled with family, friends and joy!

Until next time,

Mr. S. Patras

Principal, Ecole Meridian Heights School

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November Updates from EMHS

COVID updates

I know we all yearn for the day where we no longer have to discuss COVID protocols or practices but we aren’t quite there yet! I would like to thank each of you for all of the work you are doing at home to keep our kids and staff healthy and safe. Your willingness to pick up sick kids promptly and self-screen at home for symptoms are just a few of the ways you are helping our efforts at school. Please continue to support your child by sending a mask each day.

Also of importance is the Vaccination Protocol for PSD that is now in place throughout our division. Please note that this Protocol DOES NOT apply to students in our schools. Of note is that all staff, volunteers, contractors and others spending time within our school will be required to provide proof of vaccination upon entering the school. Parents stopping by the school briefly for tasks such as dropping off items or picking kids up from school are not required to show vaccination status.

Take Your Kid to Work Day

While it may look a bit different this year, grade 9 students from Ecole Meridian Heights School will once again be participating in the Take Your Kid to Work Day. For those students who are able to attend with with a parent, guardian or trusted adult, they will once again experience what it’s like to be a member of the workforce! Students who are not able to join a parent, guardian or trusted adult will be participating in a day of virtual learning for this worthwhile event.

Remembrance Day

Despite not being able to join as a school community quite yet, we are so pleased that Mr. Kinney and Mrs. Huedepohl will once again be leading our Remembrance Day Ceremony this Friday, November 5th from approximately 11:15 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Students will see Mr. Kinney as our virtual Emcee and will view performances by the “Magic Voices” as well as a video message from a Veteran and student readings. Please take the time to acknowledge Remembrance Day with your child on November 11th during our fall break.

Fall Break

Hopefully you are aware…and ready for Fall Break! Don’t forget that students and staff are not in school from Monday, November 8th through Monday, November 15th inclusive. We will be welcoming students back to school on Tuesday, November 16th.

Extracurricular Sports

We are so proud of the accomplishments of our X-Country and Volleyball athletes this year. The Magic took home the Championship Banner once again for X-Country Running! Our Volleyball teams saw over 50 players learn the game and develop skills, with the Sr. Boys team playing in the championship game this Wednesday, November 3rd. Go Magic!

That’s it for now….Sincerely,

Mr. S. Patras

Principal, Ecole Meridian Heights School

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October Updates from EMHS

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve reached out to our entire school community however I truly appreciate all of you who’ve taken the time to contact me with questions, concerns and to share your thoughts on the great job our students and staff are doing amidst these ongoing challenging times. While we all hoped to start the year under closer to “normal” circumstances, we haven’t been able to do so….YET. Please read on for a few updates on what’s happening in our school community.

Extracurricular Activities

We know how much our kids have missed their extracurricular activities over the past…YEAR! We are so proud and thankful that we have both staff and parents who have stepped up to offer so many opportunities. We have 6 volleyball teams running, supporting our athletes from grades 6-9! X-Country Running has just wrapped up with over 100 participants on our K-6 team and dozens more on our 7-9 team! Not to be outdone, Ms. Ausman has resumed band practices…outdoors! And Mrs. Huedepohl has choir up and running for students in grades 7-9!

School Council

We are fortunate to once again have an amazing group of parents supporting our school through our School Council. School Council is a great way to connect with other parents, administration, teachers and our local Trustees. Please consider joining us to learn what’s happening in our school. Our next meeting is Wednesday, October 13th from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. RSVP to for the link to join us virtually.

Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews – Tuesday, Oct 19th and Wednesday Oct 20th 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our upcoming Virtual Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences on Tuesday, October 19th and Wednesday October 20th from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. Information on how to sign up for a time slot can be found in this 2 minute video. Kindergarten Interviews to review the EYE (Early Years Evaluation) will be scheduled in November with information coming in the upcoming weeks for these interviews.

Congratulations! Champions Once Again!

We are super proud to share that Ecole Meridian Heights School has won the X-Country Championship for Parkland School Division once again this year. Under the coaching of Mr. Hallowes and Mme Pronovost, along with several other staff volunteers, over 100 students brought the banner home! Congratulations to all of our athletes, their coaches and to our dedicated parents!!!

Until next time,

Mr. S. Patras

Principal, Ecole Meridian Heights School

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Preparations Continue at EMHS

Hello again parents/guardians! As the days fly by we are quickly preparing for the return of our kids next Monday, August 30th! While some of the information you needed regarding COVID protocols was sent out in this previous blog post, we know there are additional questions about what’s happening for our kids so please read on!

Staggered Entry

Staggered Entry will only be in place this year for our Kindergarten students. Students in grades 1-9 will all attend on our first day (Monday, August 30th). If you are the parent of a Kindergarten student (either French or English), you will have received an email which included a quick survey for you to indicate your day and time preference for your child’s 1st day. We will be reaching out very soon to confirm those dates with all families. If you have not received this email please reach out to our office staff via email or at 780-963-2289 as we likely do not have a valid email address for you.


For those grades who have access to lockers, teachers will be working with those classes and students to determine if they will be using lockers to start this year. In those circumstances where we can stagger the number of students at their lockers to provide appropriate social distancing, teachers may choose to use lockers. Where social distancing is not as easily achieved, teachers will continue to use bins and other storage plans within their classrooms. Your child’s teacher will clarify this in an upcoming email.

Emails from Homeroom Teachers

We know that many students and parents are anxiously waiting to hear who their child’s teacher will be this year. We appreciate your patience as we continue to finalize our class lists based on those students returning, others who are departing and the students new to our school community. With this in mind, you will be receiving your Welcome Back email from your child’s homeroom teacher by the end of the day this Thursday, August 26th.

1st day process

We know that the first day of school is an exiting one every year, and this year perhaps even moreso. With some of our kids returning to us after spending the last year and a half online there are sure to be lots of smiles and reunions amongst students and staff.

While we know that some parents would like to escort their little ones to class on the first day, with our current COVID protocols in place we are not able to have parents traveling throughout the school. In order to assist our students in finding their classrooms and meeting their teachers you will find many of our staff waiting outside the school as kids are dropped off or as they arrive from their bus. Staff will be there to greet our kids, to ensure they know what teacher they have (we can help if they forget) and to ensure they know how to find their classroom. Should students need assistance they will be walked to their classroom by a staff member or be assisted by one of our awesome grade 9 students who will ensure they arrive safe and sound to their teacher.

School Supplies

There are still a few questions around school supplies for this year. Please take a moment to find your child’s supply list on our school website.

That’s it for now! If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school via email at or give me a call at 780-963-2289. We are looking forward to seeing our kids back very soon!

Stay well

Mr. S. Patras

Principal, Ecole Meridian Heights School

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What’s New…and What’s Not at EMHS!

It’s hard to believe that we are almost ready to welcome back our students and families for another school year! I hope that each of you have had the opportunity to rest, relax and recharge as we prepare for the upcoming year.

As a parent of two PSD students myself, I know that there are many questions about how things are going to look for our kids upon their return in just a few short weeks. I strongly encourage all of our families to examine the Parkland School Division plan on their website and to review the Guidance for Re-Entry – Principal’s Handbook which has detailed information on all protocols to be put in place.

At Ecole Meridian Heights School many of our previous COVID protocols will remain in place as we begin this year; however we are able to make some adjustments to our practices based on the current context we are operating within. Below you will find information that clarifies a few of the protocols within the Principal’s Handbook and how they will look at EMHS as we begin the school year. These are, however certainly not all of the pieces in place so please refer to the Principal’s Handbook for further information.

Promoting Healthy Hygiene Practices

While EMHS will, of course, be implementing all protocols within the Principal’s Handbook, our students will support healthy hygiene by washing and sanitizing their hands throughout the day. There will be hand sanitizer available in all classrooms however we would also ask that parents send individual hand sanitizer with their children to be used throughout the day. In addition, we would encourage parents to send a water bottle with students to be filled at our stations throughout the day as opposed to using the water fountains.


Similar to last year, we would ask all parents to please complete the COVID 19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist with their child before each school day. If you have already submitted a pre-existing medical conditions form there is no need to do one again; however, if your child has developed any new conditions or you did not complete this form last year, we would ask you to do so prior to the start of this school year.

Responding to Illness

Similar to last year, we would ask that if your child is displaying symptoms of COVID 19 please do not send them to school. If your child develops any symptoms of COVID while at school he/she will be brought down to the office and asked to wait in the infirmary to be picked up by a parent/guardian. Wearing a mask while coming to the office and in the infirmary will be encouraged but is not mandated.


Again similar to last year, we will be using cohorts at EMHS this school year, however they will look somewhat different. Given the context last year, student cohorts were only within their homeroom classroom. We received several requests from students and parents to expand these cohorts to include all peers within a grade level. We are currently working on how this might look and will get this information out to everyone as soon as it is ready. Thank you for your patience.

Physical Distancing

Similar to last year, we will be limiting the number of guests within our school. As such, parents are asked to report to the office upon their arrival at school, but are not permitted to travel throughout the school. Should you need to see your child, we will be happy to bring them to you in the office.

Desks and tables will be spaced as much as is possible within classroom spaces. In addition, we will continue to use multiple entrances and exits in the school to limit congestion within our hallways to the greatest degree possible.

Drop off and Pick Up

With students using multiple entrances and significantly reducing hallway congestion, we will no longer be asking parents who drop students off or those students who walk to arrive slightly later. We would ask that students walking or being dropped off to arrive at school at the same time as those being bussed, 8:15 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.


Masks will be strongly recommended for students (as is developmentally appropriate) at EMHS when in common areas and when appropriate distancing cannot be maintained (2m) but masks are not mandated. Students in K-3 will be encouraged to wear masks if they chose to do so and are able to use a mask properly; however, again masks are not mandated for this group.

Parents are encouraged to wear a mask when entering the school to report to the office but it is not required.

Situations may arise in which masks will be required within the school. For example when multiple students are working at a single cooking station in our kitchen for an extended period of time (approx 15 minutes or more) and cannot maintain adequate distancing. With this in mind, students must have access to a mask, should it be necessary. I encourage parents to reach out to me at the school to discuss any questions you may have around the PSD Masking expectations and how they will be adhered to at EMHS.

All students will be required to wear masks while on school buses, including on field trips that may occur throughout the year.

Hot Lunch and the Breakfast Program

The Breakfast program will remain in place for those students who need this service. Distancing will be maintained and all surfaces will be cleaned before and after eating.

Hot lunch will resume this year at EMHS as we move through September/October. More details will come in the upcoming weeks.

Extracurricular Sports and Activities

We will continue to offer extracurricular opportunities to our students as they become available. As we learn more about X-Country running to start the year we will send this information out. We will work together with Mrs. Huedepohl to determine how and when Magic Voices may be able to resume their wonderful work together!


As we learn more from Alberta Health Services about temporary clinics that may be set up in schools we will be certain to communicate this information to our parent community. EMHS students WILL NOT be vaccinated at school without written parental consent forms being completed prior.

As there are many more protocols in place to mitigate the risks posed by COVID 19 to our students and staff please do not hesitate to reach out to me at the school with any questions you may have.

The safety of all members of our school community is at the forefront of all we do. Working together we can help our students focus on a safe and fun return to school with friendships and laughter.

Take care

Mr. S. Patras

Principal, Ecole Meridian Heights School

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June Update at EMHS

Here we are, already well into June in perhaps the most challenging and unusual year we’ve all faced in our school, homes and community!

As some of our families are considering the upcoming school year please be aware that we will once again will have a Before and After School Care Program available on site at Ecole Meridian Heights School. You can learn more about this program on our school website.

Before I share just a bit about what’s been happening at Ecole Meridian Heights School I would like to take a moment to thank all of you, our parents, for all of your support this year! When we’ve called you because your child had a runny nose, you came running! When we told you your child had to learn from home for a few weeks, you adapted! When we made those unfortunate calls sharing the news that some of our students were close contacts of a confirmed Covid case you were understanding and empathetic!

While we only have a few more weeks before we wrap up this year, there’s lots happening for our kids so read on!

Under the leadership of our amazing counselor, Mr. Kinney, last week our entire school participated in the Mental Health Day for Alberta Schools. Grade level teachers determined what parts of the day best met the needs of their students and supported their kids through this important learning journey.

With the recent horrific discovery at the Kamloops Residential School, the staff at Ecole Meridian Heights School took our lead from Mme Laurin and worked together to try to begin to help our students understand just a bit more about the history of Residential Schools. Her announcements in the morning and her classroom weaving project helped bring attention to this tragic part of our History.


Mme Gervais and Mme Cloutier joined in the conversation with their students completing this powerful display!

Despite the challenges we’ve faced this year and the various COVID protocols in place, we are thankful for the leadership of M. Nshole and Mme Pirot in helping our grade 8 and 9 in person and online learners for completing the Diplôme d’études en langue française (DELF). Preparing and executing this test under normal circumstances is a big job but this year it was monumental! We are proud of our students for their achievements!

While there’s been lots happening recently, there’s much more coming in the last few weeks! Thank you to Mme Pronovost for coordinating our K-2 track meet on Friday, June 11th. While there’s so much on everyone’s plate right now, Mme Pronovost has went above and beyond to make this fun day possible for our kids again this year!


It only seems fitting to wrap things up by sharing about our Grade 9 Farewell. While it will again look a bit different this year based on current restrictions and protocols, we are excited to have our online students and in person learners joining us for one last celebration together. Friday, June 25th we will be holding separate ceremonies for our French Immersion and English grade 9 students acknowledging their time at Ecole Meridian Heights School. We are looking forward to a great program and light supper to celebrate our students. While we aren’t able to have parents in attendance, we will be livestreaming the event for all to enjoy! Details to follow on our school website, facebook page and via email to all grade 9 families.

Until next time,

Mr. S. Patras

Principal, Ecole Meridian Heights School

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Updates for our Grade 7-9 Students at EMHS


As you are likely aware, Parkland School Division has made the decision that we will not be administering Provincial Achievement Tests (PAT’s) to our grade 6 & 9 students this year. You can learn more about this decision on the PSD website.  

With this in mind, the grade 7-9 teaching team and administration have been discussing what this means for our grade 7-9 students who would typically write Final Exams in June. After much consideration and conversation, we have decided that it would not be beneficial to our students at this time for us to be administering cumulative final exams at the end of June.

While there are benefits to students writing final exams (such as having the opportunity to learn how to prepare for and write a cumulative exam, in addition to these exams providing one more piece of assessment information for teachers to inform them of students’ progress on learning outcomes) we recognize that the benefits of writing these types of exams in this particular year are far outweighed by the unnecessary stress that they can cause for some students and families in an already highly stressful school year.

Teachers will still be delivering instruction and lessons throughout the month of June, and will be giving a unit exam/assessment for the specific unit(s) that they are concluding the school year with; however there will be no cumulative final exams, nor will there be final exam week and schedule. 

While students will not be writing final exams in June, they will still be expected to come to school ready to participate in learning activities and to complete homework assignments as would be expected throughout the school year. Teachers may review important concepts that have been presented throughout the year in order to refresh students’ memories and to prepare them for the upcoming school year. In addition, students may be asked to complete diagnostic assessments similar to those at the beginning of the year such as the MiPi (Math Intervention Programming Instrument). Assessments such as these will not require students to study and will not be used as a grade for students’ report cards but rather to demonstrate student understanding of learning outcomes and to inform programming for the upcoming school year.

Should you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or a member of our administration at the school.

Thank you for all that you continue to do to support our students!

Stay well,

Grade 7-9 Staff and Administration

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Preparations for 2021-2022 at EMHS Begin

It’s hard to believe we are almost finished with the most unusual and challenging school year that we have all ever experienced. Thank you to all of our parents and students who have been, and continue to be so flexible as we’ve navigated through it together.

As we begin to consider not only the conclusion of this school year, but the beginning of next year, plans will begin to be put into place in the upcoming weeks and months. One important task that will be undertaken is the creation of class lists. With this in mind, I thought I would share this process with you to answer questions that you might have.

Though creating class lists might seem like a fairly simple process, there is actually a lot of work and consideration that goes into this important step in our planning. It’s not necessarily easy to capture in a blog post, but here goes.

To start the process, teachers reflect on several factors about their current students, including friendships, each individual student’s learning style/needs, current levels of achievement and engagement and social/emotional needs of each student. They then work with their grade level colleagues, (who have done the same reflection) to begin to create class lists that will work for whatever teacher might receive them in the upcoming year. Together, this grade level team considers these factors, along with other very important ones such as friends, social dynamics, providing separation for those who don’t always work well together and many more.

In this particular year, as with many things we are faced with one additional challenge to navigate. Because we have had many students learning online for periods of time since March 2020, we will be working with our online teachers to re-integrate these students into our learning community for the Fall of 2021!

One of the most important considerations, and one that I can assure you our teachers account for, is student friendships. Please know that teachers do work diligently to ensure that each child has at least one friend (and often more) within their class. While this can sometimes be a bit more challenging than it may first appear, our staff know how important having a friend in their class is to our kids learning and development.

With all of these things in mind, teachers create a first draft of class lists for the upcoming year to be reviewed by administration. After looking at these lists, administration adds any new students joining our community to each class list and seeks feedback once again from teachers. At this stage, with the initial draft of the lists almost completed, once the staffing placements for the upcoming year have been finalized, the receiving teachers examine the lists to provide any final feedback to their colleagues who created the lists and to administration.

In order to try to ensure that we get things right for all students, this process can take several weeks to complete and can go through several drafts. To further complicate things, sometimes things change along the way. For example, students leaving or joining our community in July and August require staff to further adjust class lists.

Should you have any questions about your child’s placement for the upcoming school year, please do not hesitate to reach out to our school’s administration.

We look forward to seeing all of our kids’ faces back in our school very soon.

Stay well,

Mr. S. Patras

Principal, Ecole Meridian Heights School

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