Here Comes November!

As we look back at  October and prepare for November I would like to share a few highlights.

October brought a conclusion to another great cross country running season for the BLAZE!  Our staff, and student and parent volunteers again did a great job under the leadership of Ms. Garrison in hosting our race at Hasse Lake this year.  In addition, we have had several medal winners as well as multiple ribbons awarded to our students for their strong performances this season, but equally as important was the great effort, attitudes and sportsmanship demonstrated by our students right from grade 1-9 during these races.  We are proud of all of our athletes and also are grateful for Ms. Garrison and Mrs. Lunn for taking the time to coach these young athletes.  Also a special thanks to Mrs. Podhaniuk who was willing to support our students at the season finale in Tomahawk while our teachers were at Parent Teacher Interviews.

Also on an athletic note, our volleyball teams continue to demonstrate fantastic skill development and ball control while showing the high level of sportsmanship that we have come to expect from our players. We are looking forward to the division championships for these teams over the next few weeks.

As October concludes and November begins, the staff of Blueberry School is excited to be engaging in our next AISI project – Assessment AS learning.  We will be exploring the impact of students playing an active role in their own assessment.  We are also very excited for the opportunity to collaborate with the staff from Graminia School on this project.  We are very much embracing and modeling the understanding of 21st century education where collaboration is an essential skill for effective learning.

October also brought the next opportunity for Blueberry teachers to meet with our parents and students to discuss the progress of our kids.  Parents received an interim summary outlining their child’s  Citizenship and Social Responsibility characteristics and encouraging further conversation.  We recognize that effective home/school communication comes from a consistent effort to communicate in a variety  of ways.  We are consistently emailing, phoning, blogging etc. to keep our parents informed but there is nothing that can replace the opportunity to sit down with parents and kids and talk about learning.  If you were unable to attend our recent Parent Teacher Interviews, please take a moment to call your child’s teacher to arrange an alternate time to discuss the progress of your child.  I cannot think of a better use of your time or ours.

As we look forward to the month of November, we want to remind all members of our community that you are welcome to join us for our annual Remembrance Day Ceremony on Friday, November 9th.  We are also eagerly anticipating the Take Our Kids to Work Day for our grade 9 students on November 7th and our Junior High Choral performance at the Festival of Trees on November 16th.

As is evidenced by the length of this message, Blueberry students and staff continue to be very busy and engaged each and every day and are looking forward to a great month in November.

Mr. S. Patras

About Shaye Patras

I am a husband and father of two fantastic girls. I currently work as the Principal of Ecole Meridian Heights School in Parkland School Division in Alberta, Canada. I am excited to be continuing my administrative career in this learning community!
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