Celebrate the Bonus Fry! Final Thoughts From a Busy Year

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I spent about an hour the other night trying to find just the right blog post for my staff. I was looking for something inspirational and funny, yet still somewhat related to professional learning. I went to my usual source, Twitter, and scanned my feed. Lots of great stuff, but nothing quite right.

Next step… other’s blogs. Why not start with Dr. Justin Tarte? He’s got a fantastic blog list including a personal friend and great educator, George Couros  as well as many other blogs I frequent such as Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension.

Again, tons of great posts but not quite what I was looking for to wrap up the year so… while I am not nearly as accomplished as those above, I decided to write my own to wind up the year.

I have been training…kind of… for a marathon recently and was doing hills the other day. It was a great run for me… 6 km of hills and I felt okay after! YaY!  What better way to celebrate than with a grilled chicken wrap and… yup a large fries, while on the way to my daughter’s soccer game. I know… Booo 😦

While enjoying my fries I did what we all do when the fry container is empty… I looked in the bag for those few bonus fries that inevitably fall out of the container and are hiding below the napkins.

Low and behold there were 2 crispy, golden fries just waiting to be devoured …so I did. It felt great, kind of like an unknown bonus. You hope there’s something waiting for you but can’t be certain.

Next, the grilled chicken wrap. Wouldn’t you know it… crispy chicken. I mulled over the options… eat it, chuck it (yah right!), return it and complain… but you guessed it, I ate it.

This meal on the run got me thinking about the last week of the year with our kids. It seems like we are running around in a dozen different directions at this time of year. Report Cards, IPPs, field trips and a whole bunch of other stuff. If we are not careful, we end up losing focus on the great things about the last week of the year. Celebrating with our kids, having fun, playing on the park…

For this last week it is my goal to focus on the bonus fries, not get stuck on the crispy chicken. While I know there will be kids who are checking out just a bit early, and whose behavior is reflects that, I can choose to get stuck and focus on those problems, or I can work through them, support kids, and focus on the positives!

Here’s to the bonus fries and a great last week!

Shaye Patras

Principal, Woodhaven Middle School

About Shaye Patras

I am a husband and father of two fantastic girls. I currently work as the Principal of Ecole Meridian Heights School in Parkland School Division in Alberta, Canada. I am excited to be continuing my administrative career in this learning community!
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2 Responses to Celebrate the Bonus Fry! Final Thoughts From a Busy Year

  1. Kristin Davis says:

    Well said Shaye – I think the “bonus fries” perspective is a good one for life in general! Also, I am glad I am not the only one who thinks greasy fries are “earned” by hill training 🙂 On a side note, are you SURE you ordered the grilled chicken wrap?? Or was it perhaps the crispy Chickenhawk wrap?

    • SPatras says:


      Great to hear from you. Thanks for the comment. I suppose I can’t be sure exactly what I ordered as I might have been a bit lightheaded but you definitely have to watch out for the chickenhawk!


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