Looking Forward to Meeting You

With the first day now completed, and the energy and anticipation subsiding… just a bit, I wanted to take a moment to reach out and let you know that I am truly excited to be joining the Ecole Meridian Heights School community for the upcoming year!

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to you before we have the opportunity to meet in person in the upcoming weeks and hopefully on our Meet the Staff Night “Get the Scoop” ice cream night on Wednesday, Sept 11th from 5-7 p.m. I know that if my own kids’ school was receiving a new Principal I would want to know a bit about who was joining their school community.

With that in mind, I could share with you my experiences and learning as the Principal of Seba Beach School, Blueberry School or most recently at Woodhaven Middle School. Or I could tell you about how my time working for Parkland School Division as a Curriculum Facilitator has helped me learn to support teachers and students. I could share how my time working at Alberta Education has influenced my understanding of assessment and my work within schools.

While I am proud of all of these experiences and the learning that accompanied them, I am not sure that this is what I would want to know about a new principal, so …

I am a proud husband and a father of two girls, both who attend school in Parkland School Division (as did both myself and my wife Nicole). I am born and raised in Stony Plain, and am proud to be raising my family in this community. I had the good fortune to attend Ecole Meridian Heights School with my 4 siblings before it was “Ecole” 🙂 and am so pleased to see this French Immersion opportunity that was not available within our community during my time open to our students and families.

I am looking forward to getting to know our kids in the hallways, during recess and through coaching within our school community. I am excited for the opportunity to meet and greet you, our parents, while on morning bus supervision and at various school events. I am hopeful that you will have a moment to wave and say hello as you drop off your kids, or to stop by to introduce yourself.

See you soon,

Mr. S. Patras

Principal, Ecole Meridian Heights School


About Shaye Patras

I am a husband and father of two fantastic girls. I currently work as the Principal of Ecole Meridian Heights School in Parkland School Division in Alberta, Canada. I am excited to be continuing my administrative career in this learning community!
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