Stay Calm and Study On…

While we say it every year, it remains true this year as well. It’s hard to believe we are in the middle of June already! The year has once again flown by and Provincial Achievement Tests (PAT’s) are here once again. At the end of this post you will see the PAT schedule for Woodhaven Middle School students.

Grade 6 and 9 students at Woodhaven Middle School will again be writing their Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs) in the upcoming days and weeks. We would like to provide parents with a few suggestions to support our kids through these tests.

  1. Balance – Contrary to popular opinion, these tests DO “count for marks“. With that said, they are only one piece of evidence teachers use to evaluate student learning and achievement. Teachers have been gathering evidence of our kids’ understanding of concepts and skills throughout the year. Encourage your kids to simply do their best.
  2. Rest and Breakfast – In order to help your child do his or her best work, support them by ensuring they get a good night’s sleep before any PAT and that they have a healthy breakfast to start their day.
  3. No need to “cram” – Teachers have been working with our students throughout the year through their lessons and assessments to provide purposeful, deep learning for our kids. It is this learning that has prepared our kids for these exams our kids are ready to show off what they know! Teachers have been reviewing this learning with their students over the past weeks in preparation for the PAT’s. While a little bit of daily review at home is a great strategy, don’t allow your kids to overdo the review! If you are unsure what they can do to prepare or how much review is appropriate just check in with your child’s teacher.

You may be aware that PAT’s provide the school with valuable data to help us inform our teaching and assessment as we move forward. We examine the data purposefully in order to see where we are succeeding with our kids and where we can continue to focus our efforts to improve the learning of our kids. If you would like to learn more about this process keep your eyes posted for our Education Plan School Council meeting in the fall and join us!

If you, or your child has any questions about the PAT’s, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, we are here to help!

PAT Schedule – Woodhaven Middle School June 2018

Grade 6:
Tuesday, June 12 – ELA  Part B
Tuesday, June 19 – Science
Wednesday, June 20 – Math
Friday, June 22 – Social Studies
Gr 9
Thursday, June 14: Math Part A (mental math, no calculator)
Tuesday, June 19th: Math Part B
Wednesday, June 20: ELA Part B
Monday, June 25: Social Studies
Tuesday, June 26: Science
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May Updates from the Wolfpack

The past few weeks have been extremely busy at Woodhaven Middle School, with the next week or two looking just as full!

Just this past weekend our Badminton team wrapped up another successful season at the Division Championships. Congratulations to all of our athletes for representing our school with skill and pride.

Earlier last week learning came alive for our grade 6 students who were fortunate to have the Bennett Centre come to Woodhaven to provide engaging, hands on learning and review for our students.

Just last Thursday we were excited to welcome many of our incoming grade 5 students for our Wolfpack night. It was a great opportunity for our newest students to learn a bit more about middle school and to meet some staff and students.

As if this wasn’t enough, our awesome Librarian, Mrs. Traxel invited local author and illustrator Mike Boldt in to Woodhaven. It’s great to have local experts working with our kids, showing them that anything is possible!

Before I go onto sharing the events that are coming in the near future, it’s very important that I remind all of our parents to ensure that you’ve completed the mandatory online verification for your children for the 2018-19 school year. Your help with this verification is truly appreciated.

You can learn more about this quick and easy task on our website. Thank you for taking the time to help us prepare for the upcoming school year and to ensure your child is registered for 2018-19. We look forward to another great year next year!

Coming soon

  • Gr 7-9 track meet this Thursday, May 17th on our back field
  • Gr 4/6 track meet Wednesday, May 23rd on our back field
  • Woodhaven Middle School Council Meeting in our Library Commons Thursday, May 24th – 6:00 p.m.
  • Gr 9 Farewell in our school gym Friday, May 25th

We look forward to seeing many of you at these upcoming events.


Mr. S. Patras

Principal, Woodhaven Middle School

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Spring Updates at Woodhaven Middle School

It appears that Spring has finally arrived, just as many of our students are taking off on some fantastic learning adventures! We have students traveling everywhere from Anaheim, California to Vancouver, British Columbia and Edson, Alberta. Read on to find out why 🙂

Further down in this post is information on our Jr. Badminton Tournament, Marketplace, Registration for 2018-19 and the “No Child Without” program.

Canadian Music Festival -Anaheim, California

We are really proud of our Senior Choir, under the direction of Ms. Young and Ms. Weimer, who are returning from Anaheim, California performing in Disneyland! Not only do these students get to share their talents, they receive instruction from industry experts and of course have a bit of fun shopping and enjoying the rides!

Take a moment to check out the awesome pictures and video Ms. Young has posted to Instagram by clicking on the links within her tweets below.

You can access more awesome pictures and videos of our students’ experiences on the Woodhaven Fine Arts Instagram Account.

Vancouver Sun Run 2018

Not to be outdone, we have a fantastic group of students at the Vancouver Sun Run with Mrs. Bradshaw and Mr. Rink. This group of dedicated kids trained throughout the Winter at home and in the early spring at school to prepare for this adventure. In addition to participating in the run on Sunday, April 22nd, the kids had the opportunity to bike through Stanley Park, check out the Aquarium and much more! They had a blast and represented the Wolfpack well.

One Acts Festival – Edson, Alberta

Later this week we will be wishing our One Acts performers, under the leadership of Ms. Butler and Mrs. Jacobs good luck as they compete in the One Act Festival in Edson! This group has been rehearsing for weeks now and will be performing for Woodhaven students this week.

Opportunities a Little closer to home…


Just last week, our grade 9 Maranatha Christian Program students extended their learning beyond the classroom, for the benefit of all Woodhaven students through their annual Marketplace program.

The Marketplace project allowed our gr 9 MCP students an opportunity to develop their skills as entrepreneurs, by creating a business and running it within our school. Students created several food services businesses and sold their products to all students at Woodhaven during the lunch break last week.

Not only was this a great opportunity for our students to learn the skills of entrepreneurship in a real life context, with connections to their math program of studies as well as Social Studies, they provided a much appreciated service to their peers. check it out below!

Jr. Badminton Tournament

This past weekend our Junior Badminton teams represent the Wolfpack with great sportsmanship and skill! Thanks to all of our students, parents and coaches Mr. McLachlan and Mrs. Imeson for making time for our kids!

Online Registration/Data Verification

New this year in Parkland School Division is the Online Registration/Data Verification for new and returning students. It is imperative that parents take a moment to complete this process for their child as soon as possible. You can learn more about this quick and easy task on our website. Thank you for taking the time to help us prepare for the upcoming school year and to ensure your child is registered for 2018-19. We look forward to another great year next year!

No Child Without

Parkland School Division is proud to be able to support the No Child Without program through MedicAlert Canada.  This program provides students with a free medicalert ID and service plan. Brochures for this program can be found in our school office.

Well that was a long post, Congratulations if you made it through! As you can see there’s lots happening for Wolfpack students.

Until next time…

Mr. S. Patras

Principal, Woodhaven Middle School

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Spring has Sprung for the Wolfpack!

Returning from Spring Break I hope that all of our parents and students had an opportunity to spend time together and to relax, as we prepare for the final few months of the school year. Thank you for taking the time to read about some of the recent events  at Woodhaven Middle School (like our awesome Talent Show and Slam Dunk Contest) and for learning what’s coming soon in our school community.

Report Cards and Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

As you are aware, term 2 report cards were made available on Friday, March 16th on your child’s Powerschool Account. If you have had any difficulties accessing the report card, please do not hesitate to contact one of our secretaries.

We were very pleased with the turnout at our recent Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences in March. These conferences provide a great opportunity to check in on student progress, discuss learning and answer any questions students and parents may have. We truly appreciate the commitment of our parents in working with us to support our students.

*A special thank you goes out to so many of our MCP families who graciously offered to provide a potluck supper for our teachers during these evenings! Your generosity was truly appreciated!

If you were unable to attend these conferences, you are welcome to contact your child’s teacher(s) directly to make alternate arrangements for a conference. You can access your child’s teacher(s) contact info on our school website.

2018-19 Student Registration

Parkland School Division is implementing changes to the registration process for the upcoming school year. It is imperative that ALL parents have completed the registration/verification process as soon as possible.

All information necessary to complete the registration/verification process can be found on the Parkland School Division website. Should you have any questions, or require any support through this process, please do not hesitate to contact our secretaries at the school office at 780-962-2626.

Talent Show & Slam Dunk Competition


While those are just a few of the events that have happened recently at Woodhaven, read on to learn about some more learning and fun coming soon.

Joint Chapel

I would like to close by thanking Brookwood School for hosting our Maranatha Christian Program students, staff and our myself and Mrs. Kronewitt for our recent Easter Joint Chapel on Wednesday, March 21st.

This gathering provided an opportunity for our program to share time together and celebrate Easter together.

Staff/Student Hockey Game

Our Annual Staff/Student Hockey game will be taking place on Friday, April 13th at approximately 1:30 p.m. at the Stu Barnes arena. We are looking forward to another fun-filled school event for our students.

Human Sexuality Health Day

The second Human Sexuality Health Day will be held on Friday, April 13th during our morning classes. Information on this day, as well as the previous Health Day on the Human Sexuality was sent home earlier this year.

Teachers will again be sending a reminder to all parents on the specific topics being explored on this Health Day for their students. You can learn more about the Human Sexuality portion of the Health Curriculum on the Alberta Education Website. In addition, the Teaching Sexual Health website offers additional information and resources.

Should you have questions about our upcoming Health Day, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s homeroom teacher. Should you choose to exempt your child from this portion of the curriculum, we just ask that you inform your child’s homeroom teacher so that alternate learning opportunities can be made available for your child.

Grade 9 Farewell

During our recent Woodhaven Middle School Council Meeting, we had the opportunity to discuss our fast approaching Grade 9 Farewell. Please take a moment to view the informative… and humorous video below to learn all that you need to know.

If you’ve made it this far in the post… THANK YOU! I look forward to seeing many of you around the school in the weeks to come.

Until next time,

Mr. S. Patras

Principal, Woodhaven Middle School




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Mid March Updates From WHMS!

Despite March being a shorter month with Spring Break, there’s lots happening for the Wolfpack! Please take a few minutes to read about the upcoming events for our students and parents.

High School Transition… an Update

In a previous post about the High School transition I mentioned that the High School grade level coordinators would be coming to Woodhaven to help our kids complete their online registration for high school classes. This will be happening on April 10th in our school library. Course recommendations will be sent home with your child on this upcoming Friday, March 16th.

Report Cards 

As term 2 comes to a close, Report Cards will be available on your child’s Powerschool account this Friday, March 16th at 3 p.m. If you are unsure how to access your child’s powerschool account, please call one of our secretaries at the school anytime this week, they will be happy to help you.

Powerschool Verification

You should have received an email from our office encouraging you to either sign up for a Powerschool account on the bottom right corner of our school website or to verify your current account.

It is imperative that we have all parents signed up for our website for several reasons. This subscription allows us to email you with important information such as Hot Lunch, Yearbook, School pictures and various other school related events. In addition, this list will be used for the School Registration & Data Verification process within PSD in the upcoming school year.

Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

Our second round of Parent/Student/Teacher conferences are being held on Tuesday, March 20th and Wednesday, March 21st from 4-7 p.m. Registration for these conferences is already open. You can learn more on our website.

If you are unable to attend on these dates, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher to make alternate arrangements. We truly appreciate the opportunity to work together with our parents to support our kids!

School Council

Don’t forget that our School Council will be meeting this Thursday, March 15th from 6 – 7 p.m. in our School Library Commons. School Council provides an excellent opportunity to learn about what’s happening at our school and to provide your thoughts. You are able to connect with the PSD Trustees, Administration, Teachers and other parents. Keep an eye on your inbox this week for our agenda.

Woodhaven Middle School Parents’ Association

The Parents’ Association would like to thank all of our parents for your support of our various initiatives throughout the school year. Our most recent fundraising effort was our technology recycling. Not only were we able to help our environment but we raised funds for our school at the same time!

You will soon see our next initiative arriving in your home. We are excited to be offering Little Caesars pizza kits this year! Students will be coming home with order forms in the next few days. You will also have the opportunity to order during our upcoming Parent/Teacher/Student conferences. There will be prizes for the top-selling students and classes as well! All proceeds from our fundraising efforts this year will be going towards our music and fine arts programming!

Until next time,

Mr. S. Patras

Principal, Woodhaven Middle School



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Busy times in MCP!

While there always seems to be so much happening at Woodhaven Middle School, things seem particularly busy for students, teachers and parents within our Maranatha Christian Program (MCP) recently.

I would like to start by giving a huge shout out to all of the staff and students within our MCP program who exposed our entire school to their “Breaking Bread” tradition last week. Under the leadership of Mrs. Cresswell, several students and 16 very dedicated parents gave their time to serve a pancake breakfast to all 630 students at Woodhaven! I can’t begin to tell you the level of organization, preparation and effort that this would have taken! We are truly thankful that they were willing to take the time to share with all of us.

1 Corinthians 12:14
“For the body is not one member, but many.”


As if serving breakfast to over 600 people wasn’t enough action for one week, our MCP teachers also took our entire Maranatha Christian Program to “Missions Fest” to finish the week. I had the opportunity to speak to a few of the students who attended and to ask what they learned and what they thought of their day. I was really excited by what I heard  from them, and am so grateful that our teachers gave this opportunity to our kids!

I learned that our students truly appreciated hearing about the International Missions that the speakers had participated in. I can only imagine what sort of thinking this would have inspired for our middle school students! I also heard from our kids that they would have like even more time at this event as they felt that they couldn’t see all of the booths. When I prompted a bit more about why this was so important, one student told me that while the speakers were great, the booths provided an equally engaging way to know Jesus. I am so impressed by what I’ve learned from our kids and the impact that this opportunity had on them.

19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 
20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s about 4000 words!





I look forward to sharing more from our Maranatha Christian Program in the months to come!

Until next time,

Shaye Patras

Principal, Woodhaven Middle School

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High School Approaches!

It’s only February and we know that our grade 9 students are already thinking about their upcoming High School Adventures. For those parents who are new to this transition into Spruce Grove Composite High School (and as a reminder to those who’ve been through it before) we wanted to take a moment to let you know of the process in place.

If your child is transitioning to a high school other than SGCHS, please do not hesitate to contact our administration to discuss this process and the supports in place for those transitions.

A visit from Admin

The first step in this transition to Spruce Grove Composite High School is a visit from the administrators and grade level coordinators to meet with our students and discuss what high school looks like, expectations, and to answer questions for our students. While this meeting was originally scheduled for Wednesday, February 21st it unfortunately had to be rescheduled for Tuesday, February 27th in the morning. Students will be provided with Course Selection forms at that time.

Spruce Grove Composite High School Open House – March 1st, 2018 

Students and parents are encouraged to attend the High School Open House on March 1st from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. This provides a great opportunity to learn about the CTF Courses, meet teachers and administrators and to see the school.

Course Recommendations from Woodhaven Teachers

Your child’s core subject area teachers (Math, Science, Social and Language Arts) will provide a recommendation for course placement for your child for grade 10. This recommendation will be provided with your child’s term 2 report card, which will be available on your child’s Powerschool account on Friday, March 16th. These recommendations will also be indicated on your child’s course placement form.

If you have questions about your child’s recommended placement, you are encouraged to come with your child to attend our upcoming Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews on Tuesday, March 20th or Wednesday March 21st from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. Information and bookings for these evenings will be provided in the weeks to come. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact your child’s teacher at any time to arrange a meeting to discuss the teacher’s recommendations for your child. We truly want to work with students and families to set up our students for success in their grade 10 year.

Online Course Registration 

In early to mid April high school staff will return to Woodhaven to support our students to complete their online registration for the 2018-19 school year. As this date is confirmed we will provide it to our parents.

One More Chance

While we strongly encourage all parents and students to attend the Open House on March 1st, for those  who are unable to attend the Open House  there will be an additional evening scheduled which will provide an opportunity to meet some high school staff in late April. As the details of this evening come available we will communicate them to our parents.

A Final Thought

The goal of Woodhaven and SGCHS staff is to provide a smooth and comfortable transition for all of our students. If there is anything else you or your child require to ensure this transition, please do not hesitate to contact the administration at either school.


Mr. S. Patras & the Gr 9 Teaching Team

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