May Updates

It’s been a little while since we last connected so I would like to provide you with updates on what’s coming during this busy month of May for the Wolfpack! Feel free to read it all or skip to the sections that pertain directly to your child(ren)!

Modernization Updates

If you’ve been by our school lately, you can’t help but notice there’s a lot of construction action! Student safety and routine school operation remain our highest priority during this work. You can support us by reminding your child to obey all signage and to ensure that they are not trying to move any of the temporary fencing that has been installed. Also please remind your child that while it may seem exciting to watch the heavy equipment at work, we need the kids to be in the supervised areas of the school before school, during recess (at the park and back field) and after school.

You may also notice that the grade 5/6 doors on the front of our school are no longer accessible. We are asking all gr 5/6 students to enter through the main doors of the school. We will be finalizing some additional adjustments to entrance and exit doors for our kids this week and will send those updates as soon as they are ready.

You can stay up to date with all construction and modernization updates on our school website.

If you, or your child have any questions at all about the construction please do not hesitate to contact me at the school.

Bell Schedule for 2019-2020

Necessary changes are being made to Parkland School Division’s Regional Transportation System that will affect some students and families more than others. These adjustments will allow our existing transportation system to better adapt to the current funding model for bus transportation in the province given the addition of the two new schools Parkland School Division so desperately needed in Spruce Grove.

Please note, our bus arrival and departure time will only be shifted by  5 minutes earlier, with buses arriving at 8:15 in 2019-2020 as opposed to the current arrival time of 8:20 a.m. Similarly, buses will depart Woodhaven Middle School at 3:15 p.m. in 2019-2020 as opposed to the current departure time of 3:21.

For full details, check out the news article on our school website. You can access (and compare) our revised bell schedule on our school website.

PAT’s Starting this week!

Provincial Achievement Tests for students in grades 6&9 are starting this week. Grade 6 students will be writing their Language Arts Part A (written test) this Thursday, May 9th from 9 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Grade 9 students will be writing their Language Arts Part A (written test) on Wednesday, May 7th from 9 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

The remainder of the PAT’s will be written in June. You can access the complete PAT schedule on our school website.

Track Meets Coming Soon

Despite the snowy and unseasonably cold weather lately, track season is fast approaching! Woodhaven Middle School will be hosting our Grade 7-9 Track Meet on Thursday, May 16th. The gr 4-6 Track Meet will be held on Wednesday, May 22nd. Please feel free to come out and cheer on our kids!

Until next time,

Mr. S. Patras

Principal, Woodhaven Middle School


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Spring Is Upon Us – Two Quick Reminders

I hope that everyone had an opportunity to spend a little bit of time with family and friends over our recent Spring Break. It looks like the weather is going to continue to improve in the upcoming weeks. I would like to touch on on two timely topics… Dress Code and Off Campus Privileges.

Dress Code

While the specifics of any dress code tend to be somewhat of a moving target with changes in fashion from year to year, we know that working together with our parents and students we will be able to figure this out together.

You may recall that last year we reviewed our dress code with a thorough process that involved a student advisory group, staff conversation, and feedback from our School Council.

As you review our Dress Code on our school website (scroll down just a bit) you may notice that some of the language is a bit “informal”. This is because it is the language that our students provided to us as we worked with on our school dress code.

If you, or your child have any questions about our dress code, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or our school administration.

Off Campus Privileges (gr 7-9 only)

We strongly encourage students to remain on campus throughout the day as we cannot provide supervision for students who are off campus. With that said, we know that with the weather warming up some kids who have parental permission to leave campus during our lunch recess will begin to do so. With that in mind, we wanted to ask you to remind your child of the following expectations.

  • Woodhaven students who leave campus are members of the larger community of Spruce Grove. As such, we ask that they be respectful of our community with their language and behavior while off campus. The behavior expectations that are in place while students are at school remain as the expectations that we would hold students to while off campus.
  • Students who wish to leave campus must have a signed, dated note from a parent providing them permission to do so. This note must be given to office staff prior to any student leaving campus. Texts from parents to students are not sufficient for our staff.
  • Students are NOT permitted to leave campus during the morning recess.
  • When students who do have signed parental permission return to campus at the end of the lunch recess, they are not permitted to return with energy drinks, pop or slushes. If they return with these drinks, they will be stored for the student by school staff until the end of the day and returned at that time.

We appreciate your support in assisting our students to understand the Dress Code and the expectations if they are off campus during the lunch recess. We know that working together, our kids will continue to demonstrate their great citizenship both within our school and our community.

If you have any questions at all about our Dress Code or Off Campus Privileges, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or school administration.

Thank you for your support.


Mr. S. Patras

Principal, Woodhaven Middle School


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Important Reminders for March

As we make the final push towards Spring Break I would like to take a few moments to remind our parents of some important dates and events that are fast approaching for Woodhaven Middle School families.

Registration Timeline for 2019-2020

As you can see , registration for the upcoming year must be completed by March 22nd, 2019. You can learn more on our website. 

Report Cards Coming Soon

As you may be aware, Term 2 report cards are available on Friday, March 15th at 3:30 p.m. You can access your child’s report card through your PowerSchool account. If you require any assistance with this, please do not hesitate to contact our school office, where we will be happy to help.

Should you wish to have a printed copy of your child’s report card, please just call our office and we will make one available to you.

Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

We are excited to be able to meet with our parents and students again to discuss your child’s learning progress. We are holding our Term 2 Parent/Student/Teacher conferences next Wednesday, March 20th and Thursday, March 21st from 4 – 7 p.m.

You can register for an appointment with your child’s teachers on our website.

As we are talking about the progress of your child, we strongly encourage you to have your child with you to contribute to the conversation.


At Woodhaven Middle School we continually strive to improve upon the good work already happening in our school. It is with this in mind that we would ask you to consider taking just a few minutes to complete the ThoughtExchange survey that Parkland School Division is conducting. Hearing from you is very important to us in our efforts to provide the best possible education and experience for all of our kids. You can learn more about this process and how to access the survey on our website.

Thank you for taking your time to learn a bit more about what is happening in our school and for all that you do to contribute to our kids’ success!


Until next time,

Mr. S. Patras

Principal, Woodhaven Middle School

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February Updates

Things continue to move forward at Woodhaven Middle School, despite the extremely cold weather we continue to deal with! Take a quick read of what’s happening for our kids.

Ski Club and Marmot Trip

Students in grades 5-8 have been enjoying our weekly Ski Club at Snow Valley. It’s been great to see so many kids excited to be active and outside!

Our Marmot trip is fast approaching for students in grades 7-9.  On Friday, March 8th Woodhaven Middle School students will travel to Marmot to enjoy a day on the slopes! It’s going to be a long, fun day!

Vancouver Sun Run

While training has been temporarily postponed due to weather conditions, we are excited for the 15 Woodhaven students who will be joining approximately 200 other Parkland School Divisions for this fantastic trip this Spring.


Our Basketball season is well under way with 6 separate Wolfpack teams representing our school with skill and pride! We have over 100 players developing their skills and having fun!

Den Days

You may have heard about our Den Days in this previous post . During the month of February students can earn points for their Dens by finding the hidden wolves around the school and by demonstrating positive citizenship.

2019-2020 Registrations 

Registration for the upcoming school year is underway. Please take a few moments to complete your child’s registration prior to March 22, 2019. You can find more details about the registration process on our school website.

Drama Production – High School Musical… Jr.

In case you haven’t heard, our awesomely talented Drama students will be performing High School Musical Jr. this week at Horizon Stage. Performances begin on Wednesday and end Friday. Limited seats for the various shows remain. Please contact the school office to purchase a ticket.

Gr. 9 Farewell

Plans are underway to provide our Grade 9 students with a fantastic Farewell celebration again this year. Grade 9 parents please be watching your email in the upcoming days for more information on this event.

High School Open House

All current grade 9 students are encouraged to attend the Open House at Spruce Grove Composite High School on Thursday, February 28th from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. You can learn a bit more about what’s happening with this link.

Grade 9 High School Transition Meeting

As we continue to prepare our grade 9 students for their transition to High School next year, we are excited to welcome the high school staff to our school on Tuesday, February 19th in the morning. At this time high school administration and grade level counselors will introduce themselves to our students, talk a bit about what kids can expect at SGCHS and answer a few questions.

Those are just a few of the highlights during a busy time at Woodhaven Middle School.

Until next time,


Mr. S. Patras

Principal, Woodhaven Middle School



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Updates for the New Year

As we begin our second week back in the new year, I would like to take a moment to share with all of our families just a few of the things coming soon in our learning community. Please read on to learn more.

Basketball Season

Basketball Season is underway. Woodhaven is again very proud to have 6 teams developing our players from grades 6-9. So far this season our teams have been playing well, winning some games and representing the Wolfpack with pride! You can keep up to date with what’s happening for our teams on the  Athletics Blog  and on our website in our daily announcements.

We would like to extend a special thank you to Mr. John Tucker and Mr. Blaine Weiss who have both stepped up to coach teams within our school. We couldn’t do it without our dedicated coaches, parents and players!

Triple Threat Theatre – High School Musical

Rehearsals are ramping up for our awesome students and staff as they prepare for their production of “High School Musical” at Horizon Stage from Feb 13-15. The evening performance will be on Thursday, February 14th at 7 p.m. at Horizon Stage. It’s a great way to celebrate Valentines Day! Tickets are available through the school office.

Jr. And Senior Choir

Under the direction of Ms. Weimer, the Woodhaven Sr. Choir has been very busy. Their participation in the Festival of Trees and their joint Christmas Concert with Copperhaven at Horizon Stage were both wonderful events. Stay tuned for information on the start of Jr. Choir coming soon. In the meantime check out the short video below from their recent Christmas Concert.

Education Plan Parent meeting

At Woodhaven we value parent input and strive to keep our parents informed of how we are supporting the learning and development of our students. To this end, we will be reviewing parts of our education plan this Thursday, January 17th at 9 a.m. in our school library commons. All parents are welcome to come and learn about our plan and provide their input and insights. Please RSVP to our secretary, Mrs. Deanna Farris at if you are able to join us.

You can view our entire education plan on our school website.

School Council Meeting

Our next School Council meeting is coming soon. On Thursday, January 24th at 6 p.m. our council will be meeting in our school library commons. All parents are welcome to join us for this opportunity to learn more about what’s happening in our school and to provide their thoughts in input.

Accountability Pillar Survey

Parents of students in grade 7 will soon be receiving an Accountability Pillar survey from Alberta Education. Your child will be bringing home information explaining this process fully. This survey provides valuable parent input to our school staff to inform our Education planning and daily work.

Students in grade 7 will be completing this survey as well in the upcoming weeks. If you have any questions about this survey please do not hesitate to contact me at the school.

Woodhaven Middle School Student Safety Survey

As discussed at our School Council at meetings throughout this school year, Woodhaven Middle School will be surveying our students for their perspectives on learning and school safety within our school community. This survey is a result of information received by our parents and students in the Accountability Pillar from 2018, and from our student round table discussions prior to Christmas. We wish to learn more about our students’ perspectives in order to best meet their needs and this is one more way to provide our kids with input into their education and school.

More information will be provided before this survey is provided to our students.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and for all that you do to support our school and our kids!

Until next time,

Mr. S. Patras

Principal, Woodhaven Middle School


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The Holidays Are Here… Almost!

While our kids students and staff are ready for a well deserved break, there’s been a lot of action at Woodhaven Middle School lately that we want to share with our community.

If you’ve been following my twitter feed  you have probably seen some of the pictures below. We are proud of the efforts of our staff and students who are participating on one of our 6 Volleyball teams and in our Drama production “High School Musical”. With just these two activities we have over 100 kids engaged in extracurricular opportunities in our school! We couldn’t be more proud of them all!

We are also very proud of the citizenship shown by so many of our students who have been going throughout our community as part of their Woodhaven Connects projects to give back.  Below you see a group of students singing Christmas Carols to families in our area.


You can see more pictures and a video of the Christmas Caroling on Ms. Butler’s twitter feed.

Not to be overlooked, our students and families supported the Spruce Grove Kinnette’s Hamper drive, filling a truck two times with all of the food and gifts they brought in!

There’s lots more happening, like our grade 9 students volunteering in Inner City Shelters in Edmonton last week and our grade 5 students delivering Christmas cards to residents in our area. I am also looking forward to seeing the reaction of some of our little friends at Brookwood School as our grade 8 students have a Christmas surprise in the works for them too!

In the meantime, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the staff of Woodhaven Middle School, to wish our families a safe and relaxing holiday season spent with family and friends.


Mr. S. Patras

Principal, Woodhaven Middle School

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Opportunities Galore!

While it’s hard to believe that we are already in December, it seems like an appropriate time to share some of the fantastic opportunities that have been offered to our kids so far and a few more that are coming soon!

Art Club

Art Club is open to ANY students in grades 5-9 who attend Woodhaven. Mrs. Schaber opens her room to this group every Thursday from 3:15 – 4:00 p.m. Students are able to create paintings, drawings or whatever their minds can dream up with the supplies available. There is no sign up or registration necessary and students are not required to attend every Thursday as it is a drop in style program. Please encourage your child to give it a try!


Our Senior Choir, consisting of students in grades 7-9, has been practicing for several weeks now and performed at the Festival of Trees this past weekend. They did an amazing job representing our school once again! Thank you to Ms. Weimer for her dedication to this awesome group of kids!

Junior Choir, for students in grades 5&6, will be starting in the new year. Please watch our daily announcements after Christmas for details.

Triple Threat Theatre

Under the leadership of Ms. Young, our Drama students have been rehearsing almost daily for the past several weeks. We are eagerly anticipating their performances of “High School Musical” in February at Horizon Stage. Details will be coming in the new year.

Basketball Season

We are excited to follow-up the success of our recent Volleyball season with our 6 Basketball Teams! We anticipate having over 70 students in grades 6-9 playing on our various teams, not to mention Spring League that will be available for our gr 5’s & 6’s a little later in the new year.

Tryouts for our Senior teams and Junior A teams have wrapped up, with our Jr. B boys and girls team tryouts happening this week! Check our daily announcements on our website or ask your child to find the posters throughout the school.

Ski Club

Mrs. Schaber has been actively recruiting kids to join the Woodhaven Ski Club for the 2018-19 season! The initial meeting has taken place and students have forms. Any students in grades 5-8 are welcome to join this club and have some fun on the slopes! If your child requires a form please ask him/her to come to the office to get one or to check with Mrs. Schaber.

Due to high demand, this club is open to the first 50 students who bring their forms back with full payment (cheque made payable to Parkland School Division is preferred).

Vancouver Sun Run

Woodhaven is once again excited to be offering our students the chance to participate in the Vancouver Sun Run as part of the Parkland School Division team. Each year PSD sends over 200 kids to enjoy this amazing experience.

This opportunity is open to any students in grades 7-9 who are committed to 2 training sessions per week (usually held during the lunch hour) and who return their forms and deposit by December 11th! It could be a great Christmas gift for your child 🙂 Students can see Mr. Peet or Mr. Patras for forms if they did not attend the information meeting.

Kinnette Hampers

Woodhaven is once again proud to be partnering with the Spruce Grove Kinnettes to provide food and gifts to their organization for families in need over the holiday season. Students have been asked to bring their donations to their Wolfpack Den classroom. Signs are posted throughout the school for students to know where to bring their donations. The Den team with the most students contributing will win valuable points for their team as we wrap up our first Den season this December! Donations are being accepted until December 10th. Thank you so much for your support of this worthwhile cause!


Woodhaven Connects

Woodhaven Connects is a fantastic tradition within our school community. Each grade level identifies a service learning project that they can complete to make our community a better place.

In previous years students have shoveled driveways of community members, delivered homemade Christmas cards to Spruce Grove community members, worked at Inner City Shelters in Edmonton and so much more! Stay tuned for this years projects!

Keep an eye out in the new year when I update you on some of the activities above, and share with you what some of our kids have been learning in our partnership with Spruce Grove Composite High School! We are excited for their participation in the “Beyond the Hurt” program and to see what they learn in the “Indigenous Ways of Knowing” sessions.

Until next time,




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November Updates

It’s been a while since my last check in so I thought I would share a bit about what’s been happening at Woodhaven Middle School . 

Remembrance Day 2018

The staff at Woodhaven was extremely proud of our students as we held our annual Remembrance Day Ceremony in our school gym. We are truly appreciative of the parents and Trustee Darlene Clarke who were able to join us for this important event. Check out some of the event in the pictures and video below.

Den Days Rolls On!

Over the past few weeks we’ve had some great Den Days activity and fun. Our Citizenship Ticket initiative led to all of our staff handing out tickets to students who were demonstrating good citizenship within our school throughout the week. We had everything from kids holding doors to cleaning hallways and supporting peers! It was great to see our kids being celebrated for simply being awesome!

There was also a bit of fun mixed in for Den Days as our PE team hosted some Den Days intramurals. Check out the video below.

Volleyball is winding down but fear not, Basketball is coming soon!

Students in grades 5&6 are having a great time as Fall Ball is officially underway. Our awesome PE team, along with some fantastic gr 8&9 volleyball players are teaching the game to our younger students. Not only is this a great opportunity for our younger kids, it’s also an opportunity for our bigger kids to serve as mentors and develop some leadership skills.


As has been our tradition, you can’t finish up a volleyball season without a staff vs student game. Lots of fun for everyone… and man those kids are good!


Art Club, Sr. Choir & Drama

We can’t forget about our awesome fine arts program under the leadership of Ms. Young, Ms. Weimer… and Mrs. Schaber who is running art club this year. Keep an eye out for my next blog post which will highlight our awesome kids in these groups.

Until next time…



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Den Days – The Latest and Greatest At Woodhaven!

We are excited to tell you about another great program we are creating for our students and staff here at Woodhaven Middle School.

The staff at Woodhaven have been working extremely hard to create our new “Den Days” project. This initiative is one more way in which we are working together with our students to build our positive school culture and a strong community.

While there’s much to explain for Den Days here’s a bit of info to start you off!

Every student in Woodhaven Middle School has been assigned to one of 6 dens, as have all staff members. Each Den consists of students from grades 5-9, who will be working together as a team on various activities throughout the school year. We have already seen some great relationships starting to form between our younger and older students Each Den has been assigned a colour to represent their team. Today students were receiving tickets for their Den team for wearing their den colours!

Already this month we have had some staff competitions where teachers were trying to win points for their Den teams. Check out the video below.

Other events have included our Citizenship focus this week (Oct 28th – Nov 2nd) where students have been awarded tickets throughout the week for demonstrating great citizenship characteristics. The Den with the most tickets at the end of the week will win points for their team!

Our PE team hosted Den Intramurals today (Friday, Nov 2nd) where Dens will competed against each other in a game of Muriel’s slide! There are many more plans in the works for the upcoming weeks.

In the meantime, please ask your child about Den Days. What’s happening with them? What colour Den are they on? Who are their staff members?

Students are encouraged to welcome to order their own Den colours on our Den days. For those students who would like, they are welcome to order our School Den T-shirts  with their Den Colours and the message “The strength of the Wolf is the Pack” (ordering information is available on our website).

We are excited about the many opportunities our Den Days will provide to our students and school community.

Until next time,

Mr. S. Patras

Woodhaven Middle School Principal

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Looking Back

While it’s hard to believe we have already celebrated Thanksgiving within our communities, here we are in mid October finally enjoying some great weather! I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the fantastic opportunities that have been provided to our kids in the Woodhaven learning community. Not only has there  been tons of fun in our extracurricular sports, but also within our fine arts programming as well as through our Library and School Council!

Extracurricular Sports

Woodhaven Middle School is known for the athletic opportunities that we provide to our students, and this year is no exception. The year started out with students joining our X-Country team. What I love about this opportunity is that every student who wants to participate is welcomed! No tryout and a super low-cost (usually $2/race!). Under the coaching of Mr. Rink and Mr. Bock, students run Monday and Wednesday before school starts and compete in races once/week. We even recently hosted our race at Brookwood School, (due to the construction on our site) where almost 500 kids from throughout Parkland School Division competed!



We are proud, once again, to be offering 6 different Volleyball teams for students ranging from grades 6-9. I can’t go forward without giving a shout out to our Jr. B Boys and Girls teams which Mrs. Woitas and I are proud to co-coach. We have 17 girls and 9 boys learning the game and having fun doing it!

Not only do our teams provide an opportunity for over 80 kids to play Volleyball, Fall Ball will be coming soon. This will provide an opportunity for some of our awesome Sr. Players and PE team to provide a development league for students in grades 5&6 to learn the game as well!

Fine Arts

Although I don’t have a lot of pictures yet, rest assured that not only is our Sr. Choir already underway under the direction of the talented Ms. Weimer, casting has just been completed for this year’s production of High School Musical with Ms. Young leading the way once again!

Author Judith Graves Visits Woodhaven

We were extremely fortunate that our awesomely talented Mrs. Traxel (our School Librarian) was able to arrange to have Judith Graves visit our school this year and work with our gr 7-9 students on Fan Fiction!

Check out this video to learn with our kids!


Maranatha Christian Program Updates

Other events that we can’t forget about include our MCP students participating in See You at the Pole, as well as our gr 7-9 students bonding and learning at their Spiritual Retreat at Ross Haven Bible Camp.

While this is only a snapshot of some of the action at Woodhaven Middle School last month, we are excited for what the upcoming weeks have in store for us!

Until next time,

Shaye Patras

Principal, Woodhaven Middle School


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